“Music is the secret strength of the People. We believe women’s stories and songs hold the key to healing our world. We are committed to bringing forth these voices. Grab ‘Em By the Songs is our rallying cry for humanity. “ –
Grab ‘Em By The Songs Manifesto by Kim Lembo & Maya Dorn


Why Grab ‘Em By The Songs?

Grab ‘Em by the Songs is both a live songwriting series for women in the Bay Area and, a podcast. The genesis of the name was to both change the narrative around the words “grab ‘em by the” and, create a platform for women to share the stage and songs.
Now more than ever we feel it’s important for women to share their stories.

The Story

After the vitriolic 2016 election cycle with the use of an offensive phrase being bandied about, we wanted to change the narrative about women and, how we respond creatively. Grab ‘Em by the Songs started off as a funny turn of a phrase. Then it turned into a night of women sharing songs on a stage. It has moved into a monthly songwriting series in the bay area and now, a podcast.

In essence, it is a creative movement centered around women and our creative journeys.

   Who started this, anyway?

Kim Lembo is a Bay Area- Blues, Roots-Musician with a soulful sound and big heart. She is the vessel with which this idea came through but really, it’s the community of women participating in this movement that will see it to its peak.