“Music is the secret strength of the People. We believe women’s stories and songs hold the key to healing our world. We are committed to bringing forth these voices.
Grab ‘Em By the Songs is our rallying cry for humanity. “ –

Grab ‘Em By The Songs Manifesto by Kim Lembo & Maya Dorn

Grab ‘Em By The Songs was conceptualized by Bay Area Songwriters and Performers, Kim Lembo and Maya Dorn as an essential to the times platform for women to tell their stories through songs. Look for upcoming episodes with Kim Lembo in 2018.


Kim Lembo is a Bay area Blues, Roots-Musician who runs the monthly show, “Grab Em By The Songs” as well as producing music/creative events. She has currently 5 albums both independently and, via indie labels in the US and France.  kimlembomusic.com


Contact us: grabembythesongs@gmail.com